How do I change my DNS/NameServers?

  • 1) Go to:
  • 2) Sign in with your E-mail Address on file.
  • 3) Once you have entered the Domains page click on the Down arrow next to the Domain that you want to make the changes to.
  • 4) Select Manage Nameservers
  • 5) Right hand side click nameservers
  • 6) Click Use custom nameservers and enter in your new details.
  • 7) Click "Change Nameservers". This change can take up to 48 hours to propagate across the Internet and show up on all "WhoIs" searches.
  • **If you have existing web services on the domain, you will want to make sure that your NEW hosting company has your services set up prior to making DNS change. This will prevent any downtime during the transition to your new hosting company.

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