How does Third Level Domains differ from Web Forwarding? Print

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Third level forwarding is similar to Web forwarding except that the forwarding address adds another level to the domain name. It is best to use an example to illustrate the power of this method. Let's say you purchase a web application that allows you to post photo slide shows of your local community, properties, or products. Typically, you would receive a long, UGLY Web address, something like With third level forwarding, you can create a Web address that utilizes your domain brand and makes it easy for Web users to type in your address, something like a href=""> When one of your clients types into their web browser, InternetCrusade will automatically redirect your clients to the long address at It is more professional looking and much easier to market a Third Level Domain rather then a long complicated web address. If your domain is registered and hosted by, this service is included free of charge with the domain registration.

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